Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Aam Ka Panna.

It's the season of mangoes and this is one fruit that can be consumed in as many forms as possible. This recipe is quite a common one in most households especially in the summers and is made of raw mangoes. Aam ka panna is also a coolant for the body and having a glass of it after a day in the sun can be very refreshing.

raw mango




1. Raw mango- 2
2. sugar          - 250 gms
3. salt             - 2 tsp
4. jeera pwd   -1 tsp (cumin)
5. elaichi pwd - 1tsp (cardamom)


1. Wash the mangoes well and put the whole mango into a pan with just enough water to cover them.

2. let the mango cook for about 10 minutes. the green colour of the skin should have changed to a yellowish green colour.
3. turn off the flame , drain the water and let the mangoes cool.
4. peel the skin off and squeeze the pulp into a container. You may grind it in the mixer to ensure smooth consistency.
5. in a separate pan, pour about a cup of the drained water, 250 gms of sugar, 2 tsp of salt, jeera and elaichi powder. once the sugar is dissoved add the mango pulp and heat till it bubbles. 
6. let it cool and store the concentrate in a clean bottle and refrigerate. 

The juice can be made by adding one part of concentrate to 4 parts of cold water.

Nutritional Benefits:

1. Raw mango: is very low in Saturated fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. 

    It is also a good source of Dietary fiber and Vit B6, Vit A and Vit C.

    The Panna keeps your body cool and protects you from heat strokes.

2. Jeera : helps in strengthening our disgestive system, circulatory system and balance our tri-       doshas- vata, pitta and kapha.

    It contains good antiseptic properties that fights common cold and infection. Jeera is also rich in Vit E and iron. 

(image and nutritional data courtesy: google)


  1. This sounds delicious. We used to have something similar in India except that instead of boiling the mango we used to put it in the hot coal in a "tanoor".

  2. My neighbour had made and treated us! No hard work for me!!! Really yummy! :)

  3. A must have drink. I love mangoes both raw and ripe. And the delicious dishes made with one is a real treat

  4. Best recipe for summers. Thanx for sharing!!


  6. I love this! Its my fav
    Thanks for sharin :)

  7. loved the mouth watering images, wish some body makes this drink for me:)