Thursday, 29 November 2012

Spinach, corn, mushroom tikki...

This is one yummy treat for the whole family, especially on cold winter evenings, with a cup of steaming hot beverage!


cheese- 1 cup grated

spinach-1 bunch(boiled and chopped)
corn- 1 cup(boiled and chopped)
vegetable oil for shallow frying
mushroom-4-5(boiled and chopped)
besan(bengal gram flour)- 1 cup

onion- 2 small(finely chopped)
garlic-optional(finely grated)
green chillies-(finely chopped)
oil- for shallow frying- 3 tsp
garam masala- 1/2 tsp
salt for taste


1.In a bowl add onions,chillies,garam masala,salt,spinach(par boiled and chopped) ,corn(boiled)
(squeeze excess water from spinach and corn) and little besan to make a soft dough.

2.Take a lemon size dough and flatten.

3.In another bowl mix mushroom (squeeze out excess water)and cheese.

4. Fill a little of this mix into the tikki and roll again into a ball

5. Flatten into a tikki.

6.Lightly dust besan on tikki to coat it . (do not add water to besan,).

7.Shallow fry on low flame till golden brown on both sides..

8.Yummy Spinach,corn,mushroom,and cheese tikki is ready.

9.Spread grated cheese on tikki when hot. The cheese will melt and form a nice layer.

Enjoy the tikki and let me know your feedback.

Nutrition facts: (courtesy:

1. Spinach: Popeye's favorite power food is a power house of vitamins A & C, to the tune of 60% and 15% of the recommended dietary allowance(RDA) of these vitamins respectively for 1 cup of cooked spinach. It is also a very rich source of iron and calcium about 10% of RDA each in 1 cup ..  Contarary to popular belief cooked spinach has more percentage of vitamins and minerals as compared to raw spinach.

2.Mushrooms: Again a rich source of Vitamin B2(riboflavin) and vit D. Also contains potassium (for bone health) and selenium (for thyroid function)

3. Corn : contains approx 16% of RDA of Vit C, and also minerals like  zinc and  manganese (required for your nervous system and brain) and phosphorous (for kidney function)

4. Cheese: This diary product gives you Vit D, Vit A calcium and zinc.The nutrients from this dairy food are particularly helpful in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Tangy Karela(bitter gourd) sabji

Karela is one of the most hated vegetable in any household! but a little bit of imagination and spices can mask the bitterness and turn this vegetable into a great accompaniment.


karela- 1 large( de-seeded and chopped into long pieces.)
groundnut- 1 cup ( dry roasted,skinned and powdered)
fresh coconut- 1 cup ( grated)

juice of 3 limes
coconut milk - 1 cup (optional) or 1/2 cup water
salt, chilli powder, jeera powder
sugar 1tsp

onions- 2 (chopped into thin slices)
vegetable oil -5 tsp
corriander leaves-chopped for garnish

Method of preparation:

1.Soak the chopped karela pieces in the juice of 1 lime and little salt for about 15 mins.

2.In a kadai take 2 tsp of oil and fry the karela (after draining the juices) till slightly brown.

3.Remove the karela in a bowl and put 3 tsp of oil in the kadai and add onions.

4.Saute till they are baby pink in colour and then add grated coconut, groundnut powder, chilli powder, jeera powder, salt , juice of 2 limes,sugar and saute for 2min.

5. Add the fried karela and mix well.

6.Add 1 cup of coconut milk or water and simmer till all water dries up and the vegetable leaves oil.

7.garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve hot with roti or chappatis.

Dietary benefits :

1.Bitter gourd is a rich source of phosphorus.  It contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. It also contains minerals like calcium, , phosphorus, iron, copper and potassium. Bitter gourd is a blood purifier, activities spleen and liver and is highly beneficial in diabetes. It is a purgative, appetizer, digestive, anti inflammatory and has healing capacity

2.Coconut is a tropical fruit that is rich in protein. The meat of the coconut is very good in destroying intestinal parasites, that we get from eating infected food.

3.Peanuts (groundnuts) stand out as unique healthful foods for more than just their healthy fat, protein, and fiber. They are a rich source of vitamin B1 B2 B6, E, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, iron , zinc and more..

4.Onions contain more than one hundred sulfur-containing compounds.The onion plays a role of a tonic in boosting immunity as it is rich in assimilable iron,calcium and vitamins ,particularly B1 (thiamine), B2(riboflavin), and C.

5. Lime are a very rich source of vitamin C and also contain a host of other vitamins and minerals.