Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cold salad with macaroni, capsicum, potato and corn

 Salads add zing to a meal and are a healthy source of nutrition. This refreshing salad will be loved by the kids as well due to the added macaroni and corn. Ensure that the macaroni is cooked just right.

Macaroni Boiled(Al-dente)
coloured capsicum cubed(raw)

boiled corn

cubed cucumber and tomato
boiled and cubed potato


1. Boil the potato, corn and macaroni separately with a little salt. Macaroni should be just cooked and not squishy. You can also add boiled green peas, cabbage, lettuce, sprouts, for variety. I have just used these 5-6 ingredients.

2.Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

3. Add salad dressing available in the market (Its base commonly contains mayonnaise and can include olive oil, lemon juice, orange juice, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar, cream, chili sauce, tomato puree, ketchup, or Tabasco sauce.) Easier to buy it than make it at home!

4. Add salt and a dash of pepper. 

5. Mix well and refrigerate until serving time. It does not have to be chilled, just right to be eaten.

Nurtition Facts-

1. Capsicum contains Vitamins A and C and beta carotene. It's low in fat , calories and cholestrol.

2. Corn contains approx 16% of RDA of Vit C and also minerals like zinc and manganese (equired for your nervous system and brain) and phosphorous (for kidney function)

3. Macaroni made of Durram Wheat is healthy and contains fiber.


  1. Hi,

    Can you please suggest which Salad dressing I should use? I mean What i should say to buy this salad dressing bottle at store?

    1. you could ask for thousand island dressing.

  2. looks intresting but I am more inclined towards idli/dosa for breakfast :)